Real Estate Valuation

Real Estate Valuation

A second reasoned opinion from an independent expert is always valuable and especially necessary when it comes to real estate assets.

The Engineering of Evaluations is the field of engineering that consists of the set of specialized technical-scientific knowledge applied to the evaluation of goods. It is the science that subsidizes decision making regarding values, costs, fruits and rights and is employed in a variety of situations, both in judicial and extrajudicial.

Real estate valuation is carried out by the expert appraiser, certified by the CMVM – Comissão de Mercado de Valores Mobiliários

Other services

  • Engineering projects

    Elaboration of specialty projects that may include stability projects, water and sewage network projects, among others, for the purposes of licensing, and application on site.

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    Projetos de Engenharia
  • Property surveys

    Real estate surveys service and our technical reports allow our clients to know in depth all the anomalies and pathologies at a certain moment of their property or of the one that intends to acquire or to carry out works in the period of guarantee.

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    Inspeções de imóveis, Property Surveys
  • Safety on site

    Construction activities involve a number of risks and can result in accidents when the necessary safety measures are not taken. Falling at heights, crushing, and soiling are the main accidents at work.

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